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Seville Sub Branch consolidation

In May 2002, Wandin Seville Financial Services Limited opened Wandin Seville Community Bank® Branch. In January 2010, the company opened Seville Sub Branch to expand its operations, with the view to becoming a fully serviced branch.

However, considering the location of Seville Sub Branch, situated less than 3km away from Wandin Seville Community Bank® Branch, and consequently that customer numbers are below anticipated levels for Seville Sub Branch, the decision has been made to consolidate operations.

We realise that a sub branch is not for every community and the responsible decision to consolidate considers the interests of all stakeholders, including our customers, and the future sustainability of the Wandin and Seville communities.

From 1st September 2016, all your face-to-face banking can be completed at Wandin Seville Community Bank® Branch, located at 3/10 Union Road, Wandin North, while the Bendigo Bank ATM located in Seville at 644 Warburton Highway will continue to provide convenient access to cash.

This is a positive step to strengthening prosperous communities, building on the valued partnerships established in the company’s fourteen years in business. Our commitment to supporting customers and the local community remains unchanged.

Thanks to the banking business of you, our customer, and the financial support of local shareholders, Wandin Seville Financial Services Limited has returned more than $850,000 to the local community, supporting groups such as .

The team at Wandin Seville Community Bank® Branch will continue to provide you with the same high standard of service and product offering you value and expect.

We invite you to come down to Wandin Seville Community Bank® Branch to meet the team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you with all your banking needs.

Alternatively, Wandin Seville Community Bank® Branch can be contacted on (03) 5964 4595. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Unfortunately we will lose two of our long standing staff members, Joanne Heyward and Carolyn Keitley. The Board of Directors wish to take the opportunity to thank them for their commitment, loyalty and work ethics over this period of time from May 2002 through to August 2016.

We wish them well for the future.

Please note that David Boulter and Melanie Webb will now be working from the Wandin branch.

If you have any queries in relation to the consolidation please do not hesitate to make contact with our Admin Office on 0359 642 356 or phone Wandin branch on 0359 644 595.